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Active Management

The Financial Crisis of 2008 changed markets dramatically. Today’s investment environment is far more volatile and in our opinion will remain this way for years to come.  Markets move quickly and portfolios need to be adjusted for all market activity, this means investment managers need to be more hands on than ever before.

The Pinkowski-Allen Team believes in active management. When managing our clients’ portfolios this approach is essential to reduce risk exposure in uncertain markets to ensure continued superior returns.

Investors who are working towards or who are already enjoying retirement want to maintain their current lifestyle and cannot afford a big loss of capital in any given year. Our clients sleep soundly knowing they have a dedicated investment team ready to take action and protect portfolios when needed.


Key Elements of Active Management:

Investment Strategy:

Our investment strategy leans towards sector rotation; this means investing in areas that are working and avoiding the ones that are not. We use fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis to identify undervalued securities, with a combination of North American stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds to form a focused portfolio.

 Stock Selection:

When choosing investments our team examines the overall global investing environment and determines our asset allocation. We then screen potential investment opportunities to find those that best match our requirements. We buy leading companies that are trading at reasonable valuations. Technical analysis is used to improve market timing decisions.

 Risk Reduction:

Absolute returns are the goal for all portfolios. Our risk reduction strategies include:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation: Our holdings of cash, fixed income, equities and trusts are dictated by the changing market environment.
  • Sector Rotation: Similarly we ensure that we are invested in the right sector at the right time. For example, we have been heavily invested in the US Housing Sector during its recovery.
  • Stop-Loss Orders: This means that when we purchase an investment we already have a price in mind, which we would sell if the stock declined. This protects against losses and secures profits earned on that stock.  
  • Increasing Cash Weighting: We are always prepared to do this should the market turn volatile and we have the ability to reinvest quickly when we see opportunities.

Pinkowski-Allen Financial Group has built an exceptionally dedicated team with the experience and manpower it takes to effectively navigate today’s markets. Our success can be attributed to our commitment to transparency, our high level of service and consistent returns.

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