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Marko Ferenc

Marko is a financial advisor and portfolio manager with Raymond James’ Pinkowski-Allen Financial Group. Our focus is on active management so he spends a lot of time researching new investment ideas and keeping up with developments with our existing holdings. Portfolio construction and asset class mixes are a big part of the picture. Marko has a natural contrarian instinct, preferring to find investment ideas that are “on sale” while not shying away from pruning positions after strong moves higher.

Marko holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in music composition but later embarked on the chartered financial analyst designation, having written all three levels. He has been a licensed advisor for 18 years, eight of them with Raymond James. Marko is also our resident options expert and is U.S. licensed as well. He is also the author of the Weekly Market Comment and contributes to our other publications. He speaks Croatian/Serbian and is currently studying Spanish.

When not at work, Marko can typically be found mountain biking on the North Shore and Whistler. He loves playing and collecting guitars and is an avid music aficionado. Yet to buy a T.V., he prefers books or walking down the street to the cinema. He lives with his girlfriend Karen and their dog, Daria, a poodle/Maltese.

Marko Ferenc, Financial Advisor

Marko Ferenc
Associate Portfolio Manager

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