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Legacy Portfolios

Our Private Investment Management Group (PIMG), offers discretionary portfolio management, providing convenience and peace of mind delivered by your very own dedicated Portfolio Management Team.  Discretionary management is when the investment manager makes all of the day to day investment decisions without having to contact you.  We have the power to make quick decisions based market moving news.  This is a relationship based on trust that your investment objectives are our top priority.  The distinguished Portfolio Manager designation is reserved only for advisors who have attained the highest standards of training and experience in the financial industry.  The Pinkowski-Allen Financial Group consists of two managers with this designation, Lori Pinkowski and Seth Allen.  Along with their team, eight bespoke portfolios have been created to offer clients discretionary management ranging from the very conservative to higher risk. 

How It Works

  • We examine your personal situation
    First we assess your investment objectives, risk tolerance, financial goals and tax situation, as well as any other personal circumstances pertinent to your financial future.  This information helps us when deciding on a strategy.
  • We create your personal Investment Policy Statement
    This document is the blueprint that guides the management of your investments. It describes the allocation of assets and any restrictions applicable to your portfolio. The IPS helps us know what best suites your situation.
  • We act to fulfill your investment objectives
    Based on your personalized Investment Policy Statement, we build a portfolio to suit your needs and adjust it over time, as necessary. 
  • Active management
    This is the cornerstone to our investment philosophy, which includes the use of stop-losses, sector rotation, US individual stocks, ETFs and more.
  • Transparency
    You will be able to see what stocks you hold in each mandate on a daily basis.
  • Peace of mind
    We are here to follow the markets and make the quick decisions, so that you can sleep at night knowing your finances are well taken care of.
  • We stay in touch
    Personal meetings with our team are arranged regularly.  Our reporting to you is comprehensive, including detailed statements every month, scheduled portfolio reviews and market updates.

For more information on our Legacy Portfolios please contact us.

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